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Wir folgen gemeinsam JesusWir lieben das Abenteuer mit GottWir träumen von einer neuen Kirche und WeltWir sind Franziskanerinnen von Sießen

In our Provinces in Brazil, Germany and South Africa, we want to give the Gospel a hand and a foot. We praise, love and serve God in the spirit of St. Francis and St. Clare in simplicity and humility. We live with people and we love and respect God's creation. We believe in the power of life that is in every human being. Together we build the kingdom of God.

Tasks in the Generalate


The most important leader of the community is the Holy Spirit. He guides us collectively and individually. It is the task of the Congregational Leadership to listen to this guidance and to bring the various movements together.

Be oriented

Attentive to the signs of the times and to the movements in the Congregation, and creatively faithful to our history, we are feeling our way forward into the future that God wants to give us.

Build community

For community to grow, there needs to be opportunities for contact, a wide heart for cultural differences, and a certain curiosity about the form in which Jesus wants to meet us through the fellow sister.

Promote contact

We do not live on an island. In order to fulfill our mission in this world, we live in a variety of relationships with people, groups and institutions, including those of other confessions.

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Our Focus 2020 - 2026



spiritual, attentive, trinitarian, common
as a missionary 24/7 with Franciscan DNA

What drives us


“The Lord gave me …” In his Testament, Francis repeats these words again and again, describing the guidance of God experienced in his life. If one wants to express his way of life in summary, then it is probably the life according to the Gospel. This is also the marrow of our lives …

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